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Many of us had a bit more time to explore nature this year, but wilderness can be just as dangerous as it is beautiful. To be prepared for anything that might happen, there are certain essentials that you should always carry: your phone, a power bank, a Swiss army knife, and a powerful flashlight or a lighter. SoloForce is an item that could reduce the clutter in your bag, by combining a power bank and a strong flashlight into one handy device. With SoloForce, as long as there’s sunlight, you’ll never run out of battery power!


SoloForce is a solar power bank, meaning that you can easily charge it by just placing it in the sun. You can even charge it while it’s charging your device! This means that even if you don’t have access to a power socket for days, you could still power-up your devices. You might think that solar power makes this device weaker, but that’s not true – SoloForce has a 20 000 mAh Lithium-ion battery which will last you for at least 7 full smartphone charges. But phones are not the only devices it can charge – laptops, tablets, and even desktop computers are compatible with it, and you can charge up to 4 different devices at the same time! It’s easy to carry everywhere, whether you just need a little extra power on your way to meet friends, or if you’re exploring the wilderness for days. SoloForce is also powerful, 786-lumens LED light, with three available modes – still, SOS, and strobe. The light will last you up to 70 hours, so it’s perfect for emergencies, walking in the dark, or during power outages. Simply plug in your device, or if it’s Qi-compatible, then just place it on SoloForce, and it will charge. It’s that easy!


  • Powerful battery: with a 20 000 mAh Li-Po battery storage power, you can charge your device several times before you would need to recharge SoloForce.
  • Wireless charging: you can either charge your device using a cable, or simply fast charge it by placing your smartphone on the device. 
  • Multiple connections: SoloForce supports Mac, iOS, PC, and Android devices, and can accept Micro USB, Type C, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 plugs.
  • Safe to use: this device has overcharge protection, as well as being shockproof, so you can feel completely safe using it.
  • Waterproof: SoloForce has IP66 level protection, with rubberized and easy to grip case, so it will withstand any conditions that you are in.
  • Convenient to carry: being the size of an average smartphone, this device is very easy to carry around, and can be taken anywhere with you. A strong carry loop can be attached to your backpack to keep it handy at all times.
  • LED panel: 70-hours lasting powerful multi-function LED light will prove to be handy in many situations and is an absolute necessity for any wildlife explorers. 
  • Easy to use: simply plug in your device or put in on the charging pad side of SoloForce and that’s it! To recharge the device itself all you need is some sunshine, and it can be used straight out of the packaging.


Do you even have to ask? A power bank is a modern necessity, but a power bank that charges from solar power suits multiple different devices and also has a wireless charging function – an absolute must-have! Take it with you on trips and charge your phone no less than 7 times, recharge SoloForce by simply placing it in the sunshine, and light your way with LED multi-function lights. For both phone charging and increased preparedness, there is no better device for nature-explorers and city-bees alike than SoloForce! With so many advantages in one simple device, what is there not to like?


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SoloForce is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.